Delegate Susan K. McComas Scholarship Application:

1. First, and most important, is to determine if you are eligible for the scholarship. Go to and type in your complete address in the Maryland Address field and click enter to determine if Delegate McComas is your Maryland Delegate. Only those who reside in District 34B are eligible for the Susan K. McComas Scholarship. A scholarship application misdirected to the wrong Delegate may not make it to the correct Delegate for consideration, thus causing you to miss out on a great educational and financial opportunity.

2. Be sure to complete the entire application below LEGIBLY, HONESTLY, and COMPLETELY.

3. Be sure to provide your Maryland Higher Education Commission Identification Number on the scholarship application. Go to their website to register to obtain a number, and then provide it on the application. This is the only way to obtain any scholarship funds should an award be made. Failure to do so could cause any possible award to be redirected to another deserving student.

4. Be sure to provide a WORKING EMAIL ADDRESS that is used by the prospective student seeking the scholarship award. Communication by the student with the Delegate’s legislative aide throughout the scholarship review and award process is required. A parent’s email address is not acceptable.

5. Be sure to respond to emails and/or phone calls from the Scholarship Coordinator in a timely manner.

6. If your parents provide more than half of your support, be sure to provide all income based information fully and completely as requested in Section III of the application. This is especially true if you still live at home. Make sure one of your parents signs the application too.

7. Be sure to enclose a well written 300-400 word essay explaining how this scholarship will help you achieve your goals. Include your name and email address on the essay.

8. Be sure to request an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT of your grades from your current school of higher education or high school. It must be mailed directly to Delegate McComas’ office at the following address: 6 Bladen Street, Room 319, Annapolis, MD 21401

9. TELL THE SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE ANY OTHER HELPFUL INFORMATION YOU WANT THEM TO KNOW BY PROVIDING ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION WITH YOUR APPLICATION. Note: Do not overwhelm the Committee with repetitive information. Be selective and considerate in providing additional documentation. Letters of Reference welcomed.

10. Be sure to get your signed and completed application, official transcript and all additional documentation to the Delegate’s office by NO LATER THAN APRIL 1 of the current year. Late applications may not be considered.

11. Any student or prospective student is eligible if they meet and complete the ten listed requirements on this checklist.


Scholarships are good for one academic year only. You must reapply each year.

. Scholarship Application.pdf

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Authority: Committee to Elect Susan K. McComas
Mary Lou Hoopes, Treasurer