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Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/75725F41C633A43385256A640052D429'>Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay</a>] - A resource for Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay - A resource for individuals and groups interested in sea kayaking with a focus on the Chesapeake Bay.
Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/22AA9E20E30450F685256B4600563764' Title='Click to open this page'>01 - A Tour aro01 - A Tour around the Chesapeake Bay - The Bay is often divided into three regions, the Upper Bay, from the Susquehanna River and the Flats to the Bay Bridge, the Middle Bay from the Bay Bridge to the mouth of the Potomac, and the Lower Bay, from the Potomac to the Atlantic Ocean. Each has its own unique character.
Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/ABAC1FAD327FB49085256B46006058C4' Title='Click to open this page'>01 - Upper Ches01 - Upper Chesapeake Bay - The Upper Chesapeake from the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake and Delaware canal to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is characterized by fresh water and high banks of long narrow rivers lined with hard wood trees. Human impacts and development around Baltimore, Baltimore Harbor, government facilities at Aberdeen Proving Ground, and rural agriculture transitioning to higher density housing along the waterfront contribute to varied and interesting area for kayak exploration.
01 - Safe Harbor Petroglyphs - On the lower Susquehanna, just below Safe Harbor Dam, the rocks whisper stories of the people of this land. Rock art of long ago generations still survives. Will it survive for the generations of the future?
02 - Havre de Grace - Gateway to the Chesapeake - Havre de Grace sits at the mouth of the Susquehanna River at the start of the Chesapeake Bay. With a long Colonial history, it played a role in both political and economic development of the United States.
03 -Tolchester Beach - With the advent of steamship routes on the Chesapeake Bay, Tolchester Beach in Kent Co., Md. became a favorite destination for Baltimoreans, 27 miles across the bay. After the 1880s, as steamship travel became more popular, improvements were made to the park, and eventually there were hotels, restaurants, and facilities for games, picnics, horse-racing, etc. An amusement park featured a merry-go-round and roller coaster, with games including a shooting range and tenpin bowling alley. Other activities were bathing and crabbing.
04 - Principio Furnace - The Principio Furnace, Maryland's first iron worksd, was established in 1719 in Cecil County and consumed 10,000 acres of woodland during its 100 years of operation.
Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8991D3C44981C9B385256B71005757F7' Title='Click to open this page'>05 - Baltimore 05 - Baltimore and the Patapsco River - Baltimore sits at the head of the Patapsco River. Home of the Star Spangled Banner, the first railroad in the United States and gateway for the grain and coal from the Appalachian mountains and Ohio valleys, Baltimore has transitioned from a heavy industrial base to a balanced economy. Baltimore's past and its future can be seen from the waters of the Potapsco and its tributaries.
01 - Baltimore Firsts - Maryland Jockey Club and horse racing - Maryland has a long tradition in horse racing. Home to the first professional sports organization, the Maryland Jockey Club, it hosts the middle jewel of racing's triple crown, the Preakness.
03 - Baltimore Firsts - Balloon ascension - Although Kitty Hawk has been immortalized as the site of the first powered flight, the first manned aircraft flight in America actually happened on the outskirts of Baltimore, MD.
04 - Baltimore Firsts - Oldest surviving American Silverware maker - In 1815 Samuel Kirk started what was to become the longest lasting silversmith in America.
Baltimore Clippers - Pirates of the Chesapeake - During the War of 1812, Baltimore was referred to a "nest of pirates" by the British whose commercial shipping was repeatedly attacked by the swift and daring privateers sailing under a "Letter of Marquee" from the infant United States of America.
Fort McHenry - Fort McHenry, a star shaped fort guarding Baltimore harbor, withstood the British naval bombardment on September 13th, 1814 and inspired the poetry that became the words to our National Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner".
06 - Chestertown - Royal Port City - Chestertown sits on the northern bank of the Chester River, a deep and well positioned port for the lucrative shipping of tobacco, slaves and grain from the surrounding productive fields. Chestertown became a center for shipping and commerce second only to Annapolis in colonial Maryland.
09 - Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk - The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk crosses the 4.3 mile distance from Sandy Point between Annapolis and Baltimore to Kent Island. The double roadway elevated 5 lane highway has two spans that allow large ships to pass underneath. The bridge marks the unofficial boundary of the upper and middle Chesapeake Bay.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/032035D6416E658285256C180041ABC7' Title='Click to open this page'>02 - Middle Che02 - Middle Chesapeake Bay - The Middle Chesapeake Bay, from the Bay Bridge to the mouth of the Potomac, is characterized by the mixture of fresh water from the Susquehanna and Potomac Rivers and the salt water from the Atlantic Ocean. Eastern Shore rivers are languid, tidal rivers extending far into the flat farming lands of the DelMarVa penninsula. The Western Shore has higher banks and long stretches with significant rivers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/FCB14E120E017CF985256C180042DA14' Title='Click to open this page'>03 - Lower Ches03 - Lower Chesapeake Bay - The Lower Chesapeake Bay from the Potomac to Capes Charles and Henry is the final mixing area of the Chesapeake Bay estuary where the Bay finally meets the open Atlantic ocean.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/F94D0096D965962B85256A64005348E8' Title='Click to open this page'>02 - Basics</a>02 - Basics - Just getting started? Here are some basics.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/88A183DF514D13E885256A6400537482' Title='Click to open this page'>03 - Intermedia03 - Intermediate Topics - Of interest to those with intermediate levels of kayak skills
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8FEC77F0408D3AD685256A6400538685' Title='Click to open this page'>04 - Advanced T04 - Advanced Topics - Specialized topics for advanced kayakers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8B6909AE064B75CC85256A640053A7DD' Title='Click to open this page'>05 - Resources<05 - Resources - Resources for weather forecasts, charts, etc.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/04DC31678F40A57885256B0F00042820' Title='Click to open this page'>06 - Safety</a>06 - Safety - Kayaks are generally safe but present varied potential dangers. Use of the 6Ps of kayak safety - Planning, Partner, PFD, Preparation, Practice and Patience - can lessen these objective dangers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/1DAABEEFABB5BCB285256A92005CAA39' Title='Click to open this page'>08 - Kayak Trip08 - Kayak Trip Reports - Reports on sea kayak trips, including descriptions, pictures and resources.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/FDCEAAB00565B94C85256AB200533831' Title='Click to open this page'>09 - Training t09 - Training topics for instructors - Training topics for those interested in teaching kayaking to others.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/5BAE669EE91BCC5985256A9D0068D92D' Title='Click to open this page'>10 - Miscellane10 - Miscellaneous Topics - Miscellaneous information of use or interest to kayakers
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/BC081BFD0DE90B5285256B53001BC904' Title='Click to open this page'>11 - Equipment 11 - Equipment of Interest - Down to earth information on various kayaking equipment as used by avid kayakers on a regular basis.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/D1DB06394DEE970985256B73004CE781' Title='Click to open this page'>12 - History of12 - History of the Chesapeake Bay - The Chesapeake Bay was an important region in the European settlement of North America and the early development of the United States of America
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/15113CF36BD29D71852570E10065621D' Title='Click to open this page'>13 - Media</a>]13 - Media - Movies, picture themes, etc.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/D263A2A4293F702D85256DE9008200D5' Title='Click to open this page'>14 - Land adven14 - Land adventures - Even gonzo kayakers get out and stretch their legs now and then. This section contains some of our land based adventures.



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