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09/02/201709/14/2017MD - Chesapeake Main Channel - 2017/08/14 to 2017/08/17 - Cape Charles to Crisfield - 64 miles - The J's finish their section trip down the Bay
10/15/201609/14/2017MD - Chesapeake Main Channel - 2016/09/18 to 2016/09/19 - Hoopers Island to Smith Island with the Js - Continuing their trip down the length of the Bay, the Js have a little excitement in the islands between the Honga River and Smith Island.
07/24/201607/25/2016MD - Western Shore Middle Chesapeake - 2016/06/27 to 2016/06/29 - The J's do another in their series of trips by paddling down the Chesapeake Bay from the top.
11/16/201411/19/2014MD - Western Shore Upper Chesapeake - 2014/09/29 to 2014/10/03 - 74 miles - The J's do another in their series of yearly trips by paddling half way down the Chesapeake Bay from the top.
06/12/201406/12/201412 - Course, Heading and Bearing, Oh My! - Course, heading and bearing all have direction, but they are not the same.
06/12/201406/12/201411 - Home, Home on the Range - Use a range to stay on course in wind, currents and waves.
10/04/201310/04/2013NY - Hudson River - 2013/09/07 to 2012/09/15 - 160 miles - The J's paddle down the Hudson River from Albany to New York City. Experienced river kayak campers on the Erie Canal and the Susquehanna River, they use their skills in the big tidal river through the heartof New York state.
05/03/201305/04/2013MD - Nanticoke River - 2013/04/27 to 2013/04/28 - 32.0 miles - The Nanticoke River valley is the most undeveloped in the entire state of Maryland and boasts the largest unbroken pine forest in the state. We traverse Broadcreek and Marshyhope Creek in two day paddles.
01/21/201305/03/2013Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2012/12/29 to 2013/01/09 - Given a long holiday break with few obligations, Peter and I pounced on the chance to travel someplace warm where we hadn't been before, to explore by kayak. We weighed several options then chose to ring in the new year of 2013 paddling around the Exuma Cays, a remote string of islands in the Bahamas.
12/30/201203/07/2014Menu planner - Keeping the engine fueled and in good working order is critical in all outdoor expeditions. Here is the theory and a tool to calculate everthing you need to keep the fires burning.
12/17/201212/17/2012NY - Erie Canal - 2012/08/29 to 2012/09/03 - 130 miles - The final section of the Erie canal by J1 and J2 Lake Oneida to the Hudson River.
12/09/201212/09/2012Exposure Health Issues during expeditions - Sun burn, sun poisoning, sea ulcers and immersion injuries are effects of continued exposure to the elements. When on expeditions, these issues can cause debilitating problems that need to be addressed.
07/27/201207/20/2012MX - San Felipe to Mulege - 2008/10/13 to 2008/11/17 - 500 miles - We were headed to a land of stark contrast – a giant crack in the crust of the world where a dynamic earth challenges our perception of an unchanging continent. On one side of a great geologic gash, high mountains and searing desert force life to scratch out a harsh, reserved existence. On the other side, deep cool seas offer a cornucopia of boisterous, abundant life. For seven hundred and fifty kilometers, we would be travelers on that knife edge between two opposing realities. We were going to paddle down the coast of Baja on the Sea of Cortez.
06/30/201206/30/2012Kayak Friendly Marinas - These marinas were used by Kayak Kevin on his 6 week tour of the Chesapeake in a sit on top.
03/24/201203/29/2013FL - Cape Romano - 2012/02/22 to 2012/02/24 - 44 miles - Cape Romano is the first large wilderness area south of Marco Island at the top of the Ten Thousand Islands. There are a number of beaches available for camping north of the no trespasing area of Faxahatchee Wildlife Management Area.
03/22/201203/24/2012FL - Everglades - 2011/02/27 to 2011/03/03 - 73 miles - A quick solo trip to the Florida Everglades includes a first time paddle through the mangrove tunnels of Hell's Bay and then a four day paddle around Cape Sable.
03/21/201203/22/2012FL - Loxahatchee River Jonathan Dickinson State Park - 2011/02/21 - 8.5 miles - Northwest of Jupiter Inlet, the Loxahatchee river flows past isles of expensive homes to Jonathan Dickinson State Park. The park protects the rest of the river as it meanders west through untouched cypress and scrub palm forest.
02/12/201203/05/2012FL - Econlockhatchee Water Trail - 2012/02/07 - 21.2 miles - The Econlockhatchee is a tributary of the St. Johns River south of Lake Mary. It is a blackwater river with white sand beaches, palmetto palms and a few cypress. The lower river flows through cleared land with grazing cattle.
06/27/201106/27/2011MD - Stemmers Run - 2011/06/25 - 8.2 miles - Three miles south of the Stemmers Run boat ramp is a beautiful shallow creek full of heron, bald eagles, ducks, red wing blackbirds, tuckahoe, pickerel and American lotus.
06/21/201106/21/201126 - Basic Kayak Kit for every paddle - What should you carry every time you go paddling?
05/28/201106/04/2011VA - Mattaponi Water Trail from Aylett - 2011/05/13 - 9 miles - A misty day in a green world, we paddled upstream from Aylett on the Mattaponi river.
03/29/201112/09/2013Tarp - CGear Sand Free Multimat - Sometimes you see a piece of equipment used in another context and think, "That would work well for kayaking." Sometimes it works out brilliantly. Sometimes its a disaster. Sometimes the result is mixed as it was in this case.

03/16/201103/20/2011FL - Fort Lauderdale New River - 2011/02/26 - 12 miles - Fort Lauderdale, the Venice of America, is the winter port for the uber rich and their mega yachts. One of the deepest ports on the east coast it is a major hub for cruise ships plying the Carribean. I paddled through the harbor and up New River through the heart of the city.
03/06/201103/20/2011FL - Fort Lauderdale - Bill Keith Park to Dania Canal - 2011/02/25 - 8.0 miles - From a neighborhood pocket park I paddled up New River then over to connect with the Dania canal, returning to the park after a four hour paddle among mega yachts and a surprise encounter with a manatee.
11/27/201011/27/2010VA - Chickahominy River - 2010/11/11 to 2010/11/14 - An aborted trip to False Cape Virginia is turned into a marvelous weekend on the Chickahominy River near Jamestown, Virginia. Beautiful fall colors and stately cypress fill four days with beauty.
11/05/201011/05/2010NY - Erie Canal - 2010/09/27 to 2010/09/30 - 45 miles - Plans to paddle the second half of the Erie Canal by J1 and J2 is shortened by a fast moving hurricane remnant sweeping up the east coast.
10/22/201010/27/2010MD - Nanticoke River - 2010/10/07 - Just north of Vienna, MD on the Nanticoke are several small creeks and a marshy area that make a great half day paddle on my way to the Virginia Barrier Island for Columbus Day weekend.
05/31/201002/17/2015MD - Patapsco River - 2010/05/30 - Middle Fork - A short paddle starts on the Baltimore harbor amidst the floating garbage of a mega city but soon transitions to a surprisingly wild and life filled paddled up a pleasant river.
05/06/201005/29/2010SC - Congaree National Park - 2010/04/01 - 2010/04/03 - Congaree National Park contains the largest old growth flood plain forest on the continent. Here are the second tallest deciduous trees in the world. Sweet gum, tupelo and cypress as high as a 14 story building tower over the moist soil of the frequently inundated forest floor. Loblolly pines go even higher, reaching 165 feet.
12/23/200912/25/2009Maintenance - Keeping your kayak in top condition - A yearly maintenance program will extend the life of your boat and the associated expensive equipment.
11/13/200911/13/2009MD - Honga River - 2009/10/25 to 2009/10/26 - 42 miles - The Honga River is so sparsely developed that it is one place of the Chesapeake Bay where you can easily imagine that you are seeing the water and land as it looked when John Smith wandered up the bay. A three day trip is shortened by a rainy forecast to two long nice days with a spectacular sunset in between.
11/11/200911/13/2009NY - Erie Canal - 2009/09/08 to 2009/09/16 - 166 miles - The Erie canal was the major transportation route from the Hudson River and New York to the Great Lakes for commerce west of the Appalachians. A week on the Erie canal in a kayak brings new perspective about the backwater that once played such an important role in the development of America.
11/09/200911/09/2009Publications - Key West Citizen - This article in the Key West Citizen about the Everglades used some of my pictures and some of Julio's. He got all the credit however.
10/24/200911/07/2009Helmets - Gath - Brain Buckets with Style - Most sea kayaking does not call for a helmet. It just isn’t that likely that your head will fetch up on something hard. But if you are paddling about in the surge around the rocks, or riding a big wave into the beach, you might appreciate a little protection if things go badly.
10/03/200910/14/2009MD - Mallows Bay - 2009/10/02 - 20.5 miles - Pulled up into a shallow bay off the Potomac River, an abandoned fleet of wooden World War I steamers lies rotting in the mud. With 20 tons of iron bolts above and below the water, the three hundred foot wrecks make for an interesting and very careful paddle.
10/03/200910/09/2009MD - Mattawoman Creek - 2009/10/01 - 14.6 miles - Mattawoman Creek off the Potomac River is a seven mile long creek full of aquatic vegetation, fish, birds and few people. With much of the shoreline owned by federal military research sites and state parks, the shores are remarkably light on development.
09/24/200911/07/2009Roof Rack - Malone Sea Wings - With a low profile, low drag, sturdy construction, this rack is a great choice if the shape of your kayak is amenable to the rather flat shape of these unusual car top racks. They look good too!
08/10/200911/07/2009MD - Nanjemoy Creek - 2009/08/15 0 8.0 miles - Nanjemoy Creek off the Potomac has enjoyable fresh and brackish marsh and interesting oak forested banks with a surprising lack of development this close to Washington D.C.
08/04/200911/07/2009MD - Smith Island - 2009/07/31 to 2009/08/03 - 28.0 miles - Smith Island has a long and interesting history of watermen making a living from the once abundant waters of the Chesapeake Bay. We visited the newly designated water trails surrounding the town of Ewell, a hope for increased tourism.
07/13/200911/07/2009MD - Bohemia River - 2009/07/11 - 12 miles - The Bohemia River is a beautiful place in the fall - quiet with a riot of colorful foliage. In mid summer it is quiet in the morning but awash in jet skis by midday. Stay in the shallow water of the little creeks north of the bridge and you will still find peace.
07/09/200907/09/2009Environmental Resources - Information on the Chesapeake Bay environment - grasses, plants, insect, fish and more.
06/28/200911/07/2009DE - Three Forts - 2009/06/27 - 7.5 miles - A short paddle across the Delaware River visits three forts - Fort DuPont, Fort Delaware and Fort Mott.
06/08/200911/07/2009MD - Gratitude - 2009/06/05 - 10.8 miles - Gratitude is a quiet protected harbor filled with yachts of Pennsylvanian owners. It makes a nice quiet paddle with a little wild marsh at the end of Swan Creek for variety.
05/22/200906/06/2009MD - Pocomoke River - 2009/05/15 to 2009/05/17 - 36 miles - Three day weekend on the Pocomoke among the pond lilies and the cypress.
05/09/200911/13/2009MD - Severn River - 2009/05/09 - 6 miles - After a week of rain, a rookie gets out on the water in Annapolis.
05/01/200905/07/2009PA - Lake Aldred - 2009/04/18 - 9.8 Miles - Mid April paddle on the pool between Safe Harbor and Holtwood dams on the Susquehanna River on an overcast day.
03/31/200912/13/2009MD - Foundry Bay - 2009/03/29 - 8 miles - An early spring Sunday starts out with fog and dripping rain. Skies clear in the afternoon for a nice paddle back to Havre de Grace from Foundry Bay.
02/27/200911/07/2009Kayaker Eye Candy - Ocean Paddler Magazine - I may not know how to define class, but I know it when I see it. This is the finest kayak magazine in the world. It's art. The drool you will get looking at this magazine is worth the steep price.
01/19/200902/22/2009Know Chart, Compass and Things Magnetic, your GPS died don't be Pathetic - Fewer and fewer people use a compass for navigation as GPS devices have become ever more popular. Relying solely on an electronic device for your safety is a mistake. You should also know how to use a compass, understand its limitations and be prepared to navigate the old fashioned way.
12/13/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/15 - 2 miles - We paddle back up the Rio Baker to a takeout and start the return trip to Coyhaique.
12/12/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/14 - 10 miles - We head back to Caleta Tortel through one last headwind. No rain for a change.
12/12/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/13 - 8 miles - A lack of local knowledge about other possible camps keeps us doing short days to known camp sites. We stop on the west end of Isla Theresa and camp in, of course, the rain
12/12/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/12 - 8 Miles - High winds keep us to a late start across the open water. A beautiful rainbow awaits us along with more rain.
08/11/200811/07/2009MD - Sandy Point Lighthouse - 2008/08/03 - Sandy Point Lighthouse is only a kilometer off the shore of Sandy point Lighthouse. It is still used as a navigation aid although it no longer has a lighthouse keeper. Just a few miles to the north another lighthouse of similar design marks the entrance to Baltimore harbor. So from the state park it is an easy paddle to two lighthouses.
08/11/200811/07/2009MD - Thomas Point Lighthouse - 2008/08/10 - 12.4 miles - Thomas Point lighthouse is the one remaining unique Chesapeake Bay style lighthouse actually out n the bay. The others are all at museums, so this is the last one you can actually paddle to.
07/22/200811/13/2009MD - Wachapreague - 2008/07/18 - With Bertha making tracks to the North Atlantic and dying swell rolling in from Bermuda, it was our chance to get some west coast surf conditions in Virginia.
07/14/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/09 - 14.2 miles - Jorge Montt slides downslope to greet us as we paddle closer to the face. The immensity of this ice dwarfs us in our little kayaks.
07/10/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/08 - 15.6 miles - A half day 7 mile paddle up a lush valley finds a lunch spot out of the rain on the return. Heading to our camp within sight of Jorge Montt glacier we see our first blue icebergs.
06/30/200807/07/2008Personal Flotation Device X-Tract-D Rescue Type - Stohlquist makes good PFDs - personal flotation devices. So I was looking forward to reviewing what should be their top of the line PFD - a rescue vest. I was disappointed.
06/09/200811/27/2010MD - Cedar Creek - 2008/05/30 to 2008/06/01 - 11.9 miles, 9.1 miles - Follow the twisting leads of Cedar Creek in a circuit ramble through the deep eastern shore marsh in Maryland. Another creek heads west into the marsh from Toddville - watch out for the low bridge however.
05/30/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/10 to 2008/02/11 - Time to take leave of Jorge Montt glacier and start back. On a misty, rainy day we discover a beautiful cove and magical water fall.
05/28/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/07 - 17.6 miles - Crossing the exposed 5 kilometers to the southern shore we are in position to get to the glacier. On a day with wildly varying conditions, the first ice chunks appear. Camp 4 is on the edge of a large glacial moraine sand bar.
05/21/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/05 to 2008/02/06 - 13.4 miles - Unpredictable Chile grants us a perfect day. Paddling a lazy day of discovery we make an early Camp 2 on a beautiful beach. The next day we take a rest day.
05/05/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/04 - 6 miles - Leaving Cochrane we continue down the Carreterre Austral to Caleta Tortel and our put in. Leaving in mid afternoon we battle a strong head wind to our first camp.
05/01/200807/09/2009What's New Here - Find out what's new and what has changed recently on this site.
04/23/200805/01/2008Personal Messenger SPOT - For casual use, and SPOTty emergency use, this piece of relatively inexpensive technology deserves consideration for those who need to check in on a long trip where other communication is unavailable.
04/08/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/02/03 - Starting our sea kayak trip requires a 400 km drive over the Carretera Austral from Coyhaique to Caleta Tortel. This scenic drive over two days gets us to a launch on the Rio Baker delta.
03/31/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/14 - Return to Barre Terre - 1.5 miles - A slow departure signals a reluctance to leave this beautiful place. Our last day sees us back in Georgetown getting reacquainted with the comforts of civilization.
03/31/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/13 - Boysie Cay - Have we saved the very best for last? Lobster, snorkeling, blow holes and playing in the surf and surge wrap up our last full day on this trip.
03/31/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/12 - Long Cay - A walk through the mangroves leads to a another great camp on a nice beach.
03/31/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/11 - Brigantine Bank New Cay - Out on the Brigantine Bank, we spend time gliding over crystal clear waters, snorkeling and sitting on gorgeous beaches.
03/31/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/10 - Norman's Pond Cay - 6 miles - Continuing south on Day 5 we return to Norman's Pond Cay to a buggy evening on the nice beach there.
03/31/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/09 - Back to south to Lignum Vitae - 9 miles - After three days of paddling, it was prudent to start back. We turn south with the wind and get a new perspective on the islands we just paddled past.
03/28/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/08 - Big Farmers Cay - 9 miles - Through a tropical downpour, we continued north through the Exumas Island chain to farthest camp on Big Farmer's Cay. On a long beach we spent a unsettled rainy afternoon and evening under the pine trees.
03/27/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/07 - Lignum Vitae - 6 miles - Our second day in the Exumas kayaking in the Bahamas. We snorkeled over a gorgeous small coral patch reef, saw iguanas and finished the day playing with the shore surf.
03/26/200807/10/2009Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/06 - Norman's Pond Cay - 8 miles - Our first day on the water kayaking in the Exuma Islands, The Bahamas. We launched from Barre Terre and headed northwest over gorgeous turquoise and silver waters, seeing sharks, rays and ospreys on the way.
02/25/200811/13/2009MD - Severn River - 2008/02/24 - A solo training paddle on a cold winter day is an exercise in focus.
02/21/200811/07/2009Chile - Patagonia - Jorge Montt Glacier - 2008/01/31 to 2008/02/16 - Remote, rugged, moody and unpredictable, sea kayaking in Patagonia Chile is for kayakers with developed skills and an adventurous spirit.
02/19/200802/19/2008MI - Lake Superior - Keweenaw Peninsula - 2005/09/01 - "The KP offers a wonderful paddling environment. Its west and north sides are exposed to the full force of Lake Superior."
01/20/200801/22/2008MD - Severn River - 2008/01/18 - Snow Paddle is No Paddle: Aborted solo trip, Snow Paddle in Annearundel Counry
01/20/200804/28/2008Australia - 2005/02/15 to 2005/02/17 - Jervis Bay to Murramarang National Park, Mimosa Rocks National Park - Parrotts everywhere, rain, fog and car troubles make this section of the trip a mixed experience.
01/11/200811/27/2010Bahamas - Exuma Islands - 2008/03/05 to 2008/03/15 - Getting ready - Kayak in clear water of incredible shades of turquoise over sugar white sand. The Exuma Islands of the Bahamas have 365 different islands - one for each day of the year. Come see the Exumas and feel alright!
12/29/200705/10/2011FL - John Pennekamp State Park - 2007/12/04 to 2007/12/09 - John Pennekamp State Park is best known as a snorkeling and dive area. But with a kayak vendor and a set of marked trails plus quick access to the Florida Bay, it is a good kayaking destination as well.
12/25/200702/22/2009Safety & Survival Items - Things to have when times get tough - Everyone who kayaks should have an set of emergency items that they have available when out for any length of time. In addition to a medical kit and a crash kit for cold water paddling, these are items that you should consider carrying.
12/17/200704/19/2009FL - Biscayne National Park - 2007/12/01 to 2007/12/04 - Just a few miles from the three part skyscape of Miami, the often overlooked Biscayne National Park is a wonderful destination for kayakers. With all the natural features of the Florida Keys and some history thrown in as well, a trip to Boca Chita and Elliott Key makes for a nice unhurried weekday experience.
12/16/200706/09/200925 - Choosing a spray skirt - A spray skirt is important for safety and comfort when kayaking. Fit and function vary among the many types of spray skirts available.
12/10/200705/03/2008Spray Skirts - Sea Kayak spray skirts should keep water out of your boat while allowing you to make all the movements required to paddle and right a kayak in comfort and style. We review three categories of spray skirt from the top three manufacturers.
11/19/200712/12/2009Kayak - Nigel Dennis Kayaks - Explorer - Matt keeps finding things to love about his Nigel Denis Kayaks Explorer kayak.
11/03/200711/03/2007Casseopea - Upside Down Jellyfish - I ran into these little critters on a day paddle in Coupon Bight in the Florida Keys. Fascinating little creatures of widely varying shapes and colors were all over the bottom of this protected mangrove bay.
10/28/200711/07/2009MD - Tangier Sound - 2007/10/20 to 2007/10/22 - 44 miles - Tangier Sound is steeped in Chesapeake Bay history. Here the British set up a base for their blockade during the War of 1812. Here over 600 skipjacks crowded the waters harvesting the lucrative oyster. Now a diminishing population hangs on to a way of life that may soon disappear. Here you may see the way it used to be.
10/12/200710/12/2007Sea Kayak Disasters - Bad things can happen when out in a kayak. Read about other's misfortunes and learn lessons to keep yourself safe.
10/12/200710/14/2007Derek Hutchinson - Thoughts of a kayak pioneer - Derek Hutchinson is considered a father of modern kayaking. He was there at the beginning of British sea kayaking, the creation of the British Canoe Union and many techniques employed by sea kayakers of today. He talks about some of the early innovations and gives his views on the state of kayaking today.
10/07/200711/25/2009MD - Janes Island to Shelltown - 2007/09/23 - 20.1 miles - Janes Island has a number of marked water trails through the marsh near Crisfield. But there also a number of longer trips that can be made from the state park to launch areas on the Pocomoke River that are short distances from the park.
10/04/200710/04/2007ON - Georgian Bay - 2007/07/31 to 2007/08/03 - Part 3 - Kayaking on Georgian Bay. Days 7 through 10.
10/04/200712/12/2009ON - Georgian Bay - 2007/07/27 to 2007/07/30 - Part 2 - Kayaking on Georgian Bay near Killarney, Ontario. Day 3 through Day 6.
09/13/200709/13/200710 - How to use a marine VHF radio. - Most people have had little exposure to the proper use of a radio over the regulated airwaves. There is a protocol and special language for radio chatter which enhances the effectiveness of communications for all users.
08/21/200711/13/2009VA - Nassawadox - 2007/07/19 to 2007/07/22 - Nassawadox on the Virginia Cape and just inland of the Virginia Barrier Islands is a quaint small town still retaining the look and feel of the old Eastern shore. On an unusually cool weekend in July, we get an opportunity to play in very small surf off Smith Island and paddled out to Wachapreague Inlet.
08/11/200711/13/2007Shoes - Mion - Current and Flood Tide - Mion is a new manufacturer of active and technical footwear. Their two new models, the Current and the Flood Tide, are water shoes with attractive features. Find out how we rate them.
08/06/200711/22/2007ON - Georgian Bay - 2007/07/24 to 2007/08/03 - 164 miles - Kayaking in Georgian Bay is pleasant and easy. Good weather, low winds, no tides, no currents. Just lots and lots of pink granite rocks. In over a week I paddled from Bayfield Inlet to Killarney and back in the wake of the Voyageurs.
07/11/200701/22/2008Australia - 2005/02/12 to 2005/02/14 - Blue Mountains to Jervis Bay - The Blue Mountains are preserved in a large park west of Sydney. Filled with water falls plunging into the Grose Valley over escarpments of red layers of rock, this provincial park provides a wide range of forest environments. In total contrast, Jervis Bay is a tropical looking setting of blue water and white sand.