Delmarva Birding Weekend

Date 04/23/2008, 04/24/2008, 04/25/2008, 04/26/2008


The Delmarva region possesses an extensive variety of environments including barrier islands, coastal bays, tidal wetlands, cypress swamps, upland fields and primeval forests. More bird sightings have been recorded here than in any other region of the state.

The weekend combines boat trips, canoe treks and expeditions by foot. While you participate in the activities, you will be helping birds by promoting bird and habitat conservation. Birders, both novice and experienced, can make an important statement about the economic value of birds and their habitats. Be sure to remind local businesses you visit that you are here to enjoy our natural areas and the birds that inhabit them.

Be sure and
Flock Together at our evening socials, which are free to all registrants. And Don't Forget to read about how to prepare for your trips.

Space for trips and programs is limited,
so register now for one or more of the weekend's events.

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