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Thanx, Hank!


In searching for sources of John Pennekamp Stats Park paddling trail maps, I Googled same, and came across your site as one of those referenced.

A very happy occurrence!

I'm sitting under the chickee out on the dock of our small waterside rental in Key Largo this wonderful morning, perusing an updated and much-improved Pennekamp trail map thoughtfully provided by the owner, who's a paddler like you, and my wife and I. In calling up your site, I was pleased to find your trip reports for South Florida, Southwest Florida, and the Florida Keys, our watery back yard from our home in Coconut Grove, a close-in largely waterfront suburb of Miami.

They are excellent!

I read with interest your well-presented accounts of Pennekamp, ENP, BNP, Cape Romano, Lignumvitae, other Keys, and other South Florida trips. I really enjoyed your photo-enhanced narratives of many of the same places we've paddled over the years, and identified with your observations and your delight in kayaking these same places. I could suggest many other fabulous trips -both (relatively) short hops, and more extensive day-long excursions, as well as a number of kayak-camping trips, but in looking over the long list of places you've paddled, you probably have already listed -if indeed not already booked, enough to fill your agenda for the foreseeable future, so I'll let you off with our usual 'Y'all come back!'

Thanks again for not only a most enjoyable chronology of interesting trips, but for an excellent overall paddling website. Please -keep up the good work!

-Frank in Miami (& Sally)

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