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paddling the chesapeake/river systems for a few days with packs/camping

I was just wondering if anyone has already done this or seeking a group to go with as first timers to get some knowledge and experience to do it solo. I've kayaked and backpacked but I'd like to combine it as one and do some long trips. If you have done long trips and stayed the night over somewhere via camping/other please let me know your experience. I plan to do this in the fall coming up before it gets too cold then do trips protected from wind in the winter.

God ideas or suggestions or interested please contact me at
put in subject "kayak trip/camping" or something like that or a link in the body so I know where you found me. thanks

    10/11/2009 03:41:14 PMPaddle PartnersPaul Meyer - paulmeyer.bizpaddling the chesapeake/river systems for a few days with packs/camping0